Twitter reached out to Govt of India, seeks formal dialogue

The Government of India had asked Twitter to take down 1,178 accounts with Pakistani and Khalistani links.

Twitter Inc. has reached out to the Government of India for a formal dialogue. The social media giant said that the "safety of our employees is a top priority". The reply comes after the government asked it to remove over a thousand more accounts for allegedly spreading misinformation and provocative content linking to the farmers' protest.
A Twitter spokesperson said, "Safety of our employees is a top priority for us at Twitter. We continue to be engaged with the government of India from a position of respect and have reached out to the honourable minister for formal dialogue. An acknowledgement to the receipt of the non-compliance notice has also been formally communicated."
The platform also mentioned that it has acknowledged getting the non-compliance notice from the government. Earlier, the Government of India had asked Twitter to take down 1,178 listed handles that have Pakistani and Khalistani users. "We strongly believe that the open and free exchange of information has a positive global impact, and that the Tweets must continue to flow," said a company spokesperson in the latest statement.
Last month, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had sent a list of 257 handles and tweets to be blocked for similar reasons. Twitter had to block those handles for a few hours, but shortly it unblocked them.
India stands as the third top country for contributing more users to the company. The platform has millions of users in the country, including leading actors, sports personalities, government officials and top politicians.

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