UK man gets bottle filled with urine in his food order; company apologises

The picture of the food kit along with the bottle has now gone viral.

All online food delivery platforms have a common glitch - incorrect order - and we are quite familiar with such mistakes. But here, there's an unexpected goof up occurred after a UK man ordered for a meal kit from America's popular meal box provider HelloFresh.

The customer took to Twitter and alleged that Instead of receiving his ordered beverage, he got a Coke bottle filled with urine as part of a food delivery order during the nation-wide lockdown. The picture of the food kit along with the bottle has now gone viral. However, the meal kit company apologised and asked the man for his order detail so that they could investigate the matter.

Oliver McManus noted he received the suspicious-looking yellow liquid with a meal kit from HelloFresh on Sunday morning. He tweeted the picture with a caption, “Hey @HelloFreshUK, I'll keep it simple: why have I received someone's bottled up piss as part of my order? Look forward to your response on this one.” In a follow-up tweeted, he added, “Give me an address @HelloFreshUK, I'll send it to you and you can have a whiff in case you're sceptical!”

Earlier, in the UK, a mother was shocked after her toddler girl choked on a blue face mask cooked inside McDonald’s chicken nugget. The food delivery giant apologised, but after the incident it raised concern over the safety of online food delivery.

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