Underwater noise pollution could damage crucial oceans plants

This is the first time that noise impact on plant structure has been studied.


As ship transportation is growing rapidly across the globe, It is witnessed that it is also creating a huge amount of noise pollution which is a threat to underwater plants.


Reason why noise pollution is more lethal in marine life is because sound can travel much faster in water than compared to air as on land. Even marine animals depend on underwater sound for their life functions.


They search for food and even save themselves from their foes using the sound mechanism, and underwater noise pollution is endangering their life in serious ways.


Ocean noise pollution mainly happens because of ships which use low frequency ‘SONAR’ for the detection of submarines. Even high pitched noises are made with oil and gas exploration which are done.


Studies have shown that these noises don’t really have an effect on human life but they are very dangerous to aquatic plants. The air in the water is disturbed because of it. This hampers the plants in using the air for their own purpose.


There is a limited supply of air under the water and if that is also disturbed then it is very difficult to sustain life by distributing equal amount for both animals and plants.


This is the first time that noise’s impact on plant structure has been studied, to the best of the researchers' knowledge and It is believed that plants suffer the most because of excessive noise as they cannot uproot and move away when there is excessive noise.


Such extreme impacts have been seen in the cellular level and in the long run it could have a much bigger implication in them. It was seen that two hours of plants getting exposed to such noises can damage the ability to be rooted. It also affects the plants ability to store energy.


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