US woman kills kids, drives for months with bodies stuffed in car

She has been booked under multiple charges.

A woman in the US was arrested for killing two children and keeping their bodies in her car.


Nicole Johnson killed her niece and nephew and kept their bodies in the trunk of their car. She has been booked under multiple charges which includes the abuse and death of a seven-year old girl and five-year old boy.


According to reports it is said that the girl's body was put in a suitcase and was kept there since May last year. After a year the nephew's body was kept packed inside a plastic bag beside her sister's decomposed body.


While questioning, she answered that the two children were in her care given by her sister. She also said that she used to hit her niece several times and then once her head hit the floor, she died. However, she did not make any comment on the boy's death.

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