Water level in Yamuna rises and over 100 families evacuted to safer areas

The Delhi administration had declared a flood alert and evacuated hundreds as the river crosses the danger mark.

The water level in Yamuna in the national capital surges again and was recorded at 205.30 meters on Sunday morning. The level is just below the warning mark of 205.33 meters, as the downpour continued to lash Delhi and upper catchment areas of the river.

As reported by the officials, over hundred families living in the Yamuna floodplains have been moved to higher areas over the last few days.

The Delhi administration had declared a flood alert and accelerated efforts to evacuate hundreds as the river in the national capital break the danger mark of 205.33 metres amidst heavy downpour in the upper catchment areas.

A flood alert is issued when the water level of Yamuna crosses the “warning mark” of 204.50 meters. The Delhi's flood control room had registered a discharge rate of 17,827 cusecs from the Hathnikund Barrier of Haryana’s Yamunanagar district on Sunday’s morning at 9 AM.

The normal discharge rate at the barrier is 352 cusec but the rate is increased after heavy rains in upper catchment areas, it had peaked to 1.60 lakh cusecs on Tuesday which is the highest this year so far. The water discharged from the barrier takes two-three days to reach the Delhi.

The Meteorological Department said that moderate to heavy rains is predicted in northwest India over the next few days which is likely to increase water levels in the rivers flowing through the region.

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