Worst Man-Wild Elephant Conflict in Udalguri District

One resident aged 47 was trampled to death by an elephant on Sunday night

Man animal conflict again seen in Udalgiri district in Assam. This happens when a herd of wild elephants that climbed down to Udalguri from the Indo-Bhutan border hills and enters villages including Dimakuchi, Rajagarh, Nalapara, Borengajuli, Dharmajuli, Tankibasti, Bholatar.

This created terror and panic among the residents for a fortnight. The villagers have to spend sleepless nights for these elephants. Every year, the elephants come and wreak havoc in the village.

One resident Bandana Orang aged 47 an of Tankibasti village under Dimakuchi P.S was trampled to death by an elephant on Sunday night.

Wildlife activist blame the forest department saying that the Forest Department has no plan and policy to tackle the man-elephant conflict. Activist urge the Assam government to formulate policies taken in some of the south Indian states, including electric fencing to avoid this kind of conflict.

There also lack of maintainence at Khalingduar Reserve Forest and Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

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