Yoga celebration begins across the world

Politicians and sports personalities seen celebrating

International Day of Yoga is observed on every year on June 21. This year, the International Yoga Day 2021 will be celebrated on Monday i.e. today.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the seventh such event at 6:30am.


PM Modi proposed that June 21 to be chosen for celebrating International Yoga Day as it marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – the longest day of the year and considered auspicious in many cultures. The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. During the covid pandemic, the importance of yoga has increased even more.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and said in this difficult time, even as people are in so much trouble, they could forget Yoga or ignore it. As Yoga is much needed during pandemic to keep body fit.

Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju called for making yoga an integral part of everyday lives. He said, “Yoga is more than exercises that "keeps us fit". "It should be made part of our curriculum. Yoga is an immortal gift from India to the world."

Kangana Ranaut says “That yogi who gave us the gift of Yoga was called the Aadiyogi means the very first yogi…. Also known as Lord Shiva. He does not get enough credit for his contributions to humanity even though he continues to prevail among us through his many gifts like Yoga. I bow down to him and thank him for giving us the gift of Yoga through Sapt (Seven ) Rishis”

Baba Ramdev shared tips and yogaasans for weight loss, six-pack abs and mental health.

World renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik creates 'Yoga For Wellness' art on International Day Of Yoga at Puri beach in Odisha.

Amitabh Bachchan wishes fans on Yoga Day 2021 "Yoga .. the best friend of your body."

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