YouTuber buries himself alive in coffin for 50 hours, video gets viral

To keep him indulge, his friends tried to pull off some pranks.

We all have seen YouTubers doing crazy stuffs like eating in jumbos and jumping off from heights to entertain their viewers, but this time, it is something unexpected.

A famous YouTuber Jimmy, who runs his YouTube channel named ‘Mr beast’ came with this unbelievable idea for his viewers and subscribers. He spent as many as 50 hours lying inside a coffin that was buried in an open area.

In the course of around 13 minutes, he described his experience and what his friends were up to while he was buried. At the end of the video, he started explained the challenges faced by him – couldn’t move and no toilet visit for 50 hours.

To keep him indulge, his friends tried to pull off some pranks, changing the colours of the light in the coffin, peeing and bursting crackers at the spot

The daring Youtuber informed viewers that he has taken all the safety measures and medic with him in case something goes wrong. Throughout the period, he was seen twisting and turning to get himself comfortable in that miniature.

After spending 24 hours in the cage he informed his viewers that he was having a headache, not feeling well, and was claustrophobic.

“That was stupid, I have a massive headache and I am starving,” he said after completing his mission. His video got viral all over the social media with mixed reactions.

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