16 held for violating COVID norms in Kolkata

They were charges under IPC section 188 and also section 51 (b) of the Disaster Management Act has been slapped

While India is coping up with second wave of coronavirus and there is lack of medical equipment and shortage, govt. has provided stricter norms of lockdown and curfew but many people seems to violate it.

Now Kolkata Police arrested 16 people earlier this week for violating the shutdown order through operating surreptitiously or keeping shops open outside the regulated hours.

The police have cuffed charges under IPC section 188 for not following orders and violating the shutdown order. Additionally, section 51 (b) of the Disaster Management Act has been slapped. The accused received bail but the police are consulting the legal team if they can recommend shutting down of property.

Nine of the sixteen people arrested were from New Park Street and AJC Bose Road areas. The government has ordered that all bars and restaurants be closed starting on May 2 in an effort to control Covid spread. Restaurant kitchens can deliver food to homes, but restaurants cannot operate on the premises due to government orders. 

During lockdown period the residents must stay indoors. No person shall leave their home or move on foot, in a vehicle, or stand, or roam around in any public place during the lockdown period. As per the order, the markets can only operate from 7 to 10 AM and 3 to 5 PM.

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