50,000 people to die in India by April 15?

People should be careful and not to fall prey in the web of virtual world

We are already living in a panicking situation as India is experiencing a sudden rise in number of COVID-19 cases again. Many states have already imposed lockdown and night curfew to contain the spread of virus. Amidst all the chaotic situation, a viral messages going around on WhatsApp and other social media platforms which are likely to spread fear in minds of people.

In one video that is being widely shared claims that the World Health Organization has warned of 50,000 deaths in India due to coronavirus by April 15.

The post claimed that WHO-ICMR has warned India of third wave of the coronavirus and if left unchecked, the total death count by the coronavirus outbreak in India could reach 50,000. Later it turns out that the video is fake and WHO has not issued any such warning.

In a tweet, WHO South-East Asia has clarify that it is fake news and wrote, ''A video claiming WHO has warned of 50,000 deaths in India by 15 April is fake news. WHO has not issued any such warning.''

People should thus be very careful and not to fall prey to everything that’s going viral on internet. People should be aware of cyber safety and fact check before believing in such news and create panic in the time of crisis.


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