99.4% of Bengaluru's patients have no COVID symptoms

As per reports, 95.9 per cent of Karnataka’s patients are asymptomatic.

Though Bengaluru is reporting a lion’s share of covid cases in the state, there is some consolation. According to the reports, a maximum number of the asymptomatic cases in the State are also from the city.

The State covid war room data shows that 99.4 per cent of Bengaluru’s covid patients are asymptomatic, while 95.9 per cent of Karnataka’s patients are asymptomatic. Uttar Kannada district had the highest number of symptomatic cases at 28.02 per cent.

Even medical journal Lancet’s covid-19 Commission India Task Force stated that most of the covid cases during the second wave were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic though the rate of infection was significantly higher.

A city-based doctor said that a majority of the patients he sees are asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic. A few of them who are mildly symptomatic become almost asymptomatic in just two to three days of the infection.

Meanwhile, addressing the media on Friday, after the meeting, the Karnataka Chief Minister said that the measures that are currently in place, like night curfew, will continue till April 20.

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