COVID: Maharashtra announces new rule in the state

The new restrictions will remain in force from 8 pm on April 22 till 7 am on May 1.

Maharashtra is the worst hit state of corona virus and now in order to contain the spread of virus the government on Wednesday announced stricter norms. The new restrictions will remain in force from 8 pm on April 22 till 7 am on May 1. Currently, Mumbai has 84,743 active coronavirus cases.

As per the order of the Maharashtra government, a total of only 25 persons will be allowed to attend a marriage function and all government offices have been ordered to work at 15 per cent capacity. A ban has been imposed on inter-city and inter-district travel, however, exemptions have been made for people travelling for a medical emergency, essential services and funeral or medical attendance. Private buses can comply with 50% of seating capacity with no standing travellers.

In case of transport Bus service operator have to restrict the stoppages to maximum two in a city and shall inform local District Management Authority (DMA) about the same and the schedule. At the stoppages where passengers are landing all passengers shall be stamped on the hand for 14 days home quarantine. This stamping must be done by the operator.Thermal scanners shall be used and anyone with symptoms shall be moved to corona care centres or to a hospital.Local DMA may decide to do the RAT test at the alighting point by appointing one of the authorised labs to give these services. Cost of the test, if so decided shall be borne by the passenger/ service provider.

If any operator is found to be breach these guidelines, then DMA may levy a fine of 10000/-. Repeated defaults will lead to cancellation of license to operate till end of notification of COVID 19 as a pandemic.

However, following people are exempted: - all government personnel (state/ central/ local), tickets/ passes to be issued to the above category of personnel on the basis of a Government-issued identity card only. All medical personnel (Doctors/ paramedics/ lab technicians/ hospital and medical clinic staff etc). Any persons needing medical treatment or specially-abled persons and one person accompanying the needy.State government or local government-owned public buses shall ply at 50 per cent of the capacity with no standing passengers.

Private Passenger transport excluding buses can operate only for emergency or essential services or valid reasons with driver plus of the seating capacity. Inter-district or inter-city travel is allowed only if required for performing an essential service or in case of medical emergencies or attending unavoidable events like funerals or severe sickness of family. Anyone breaking the order in letter or spirit shall be punishable by fine of Rs 10000/-.

However, All grocery, vegetable shops, fruit vendors, dairies, bakeries, confectioneries, all types of food shops including chicken, mutton, poultry, fish and eggs, shops related to agricultural implements and farm produce, pet food shops, shops related to materials for imminent rainy season will remain open from 7 am to 11 am.


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