COVID: Rajasthan imposes strict 15-days lockdown from today

Named as 'Public Discipline Fortnight'; all offices except those connected with essential services shall remain closed.

Amidst the rise of corona cases in the country and to contain the spread of virus, the Rajasthan government has announced a 15-day lockdown starting from Monday and will continue till May 3.

The home department, late on Sunday night, issued new guidelines on the lockdown period which has been named as 'Public Discipline Fortnight'.

During this phrase all offices except those connected with essential services shall remain closed.

Here’s a list of what is exempted and what is not:-

Shops connected to grocery, fruit, dairy products, etc. shall remain open till 5 p.m. Vegetable vendors have been allowed to sell their stuff by till 7 p.m. Petrol pumps shall remain open till 8 p.m, as per the new guidelines.Public transport shall remain open in the state and factories and manufacturing units shall also remain operational. NREGA projects will also continue to ensure workers get regular jobs. Apart from that Telecom, Internet services, postal services, cable services, etc. will remain open.

Medical emergencies like pregnant women will be allowed to travel to hospital. Those going to take Covid shots will be permitted and the PDS shops will also run all through the week. Only 50 people will be allowed to attend wedding parties while 20 for a funeral.

The services which will remain close are the bazaars, malls, shopping complexes, cinema halls and all religious places etc. Apart from that all the educational institutes, coaching centres, libraries, social and political programmes, etc. have also been remain close.

Besides that, those who are travelling from bus stops, metro stations and airports shall have to show tickets to commute, those coming to Rajasthan from other states shall have to show their RT-PCR reports collected within 72 hours of travel.

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