Deadly side-effects of drinking milk tea

Its consumption volume is one billion kilograms in the financial year of 2020

Tea is one of the most popular health drinks in the world and in India, its consumption volume is one billion kilograms in the financial year of 2020.


It has numerous benefits and advantages for a person but in excess of everything is always bad. Tea has rich antioxidants and blood purifying agents but with some side effects which might look minimal for a person but in the long-run it can prove problematic.


Firstly, over consumption can cause Insomnia, for example black tea, which is used to make milk tea is rich in caffeine and if your body is overloaded with caffeine, especially in the second half of the day will lead to sleepless nights.


It can also cause anxiety as drinking too much can create an imbalance in brain chemicals.


Another visible side effect is the appearance of pimples over your body. It generates extreme heat and creates an imbalance in the body chemicals that result in an outbreak of pimples if consumed in excess. The most affected areas are the face, neck, and chest.


Along with caffeine, theophylline is another chemical present. They can be helpful to detoxify your body, calming your mind and muscles and improving blood flow but theophylline can cause extreme constipation as it dries your body and dehydrates you.


Blood Pressure imbalance is yet another horrifying side effect which affects the body and if not taken care.


So, keep in mind all these side-effects whenever you start your day with a cup of milk-poured tea.


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