Doctor successfully removes infant's 'third leg' in a rare 6-hour surgery

The surgery required a multi-disciplinary approach

The doctors successfully removed an extra leg of a one-year-old boy, who had three legs, at a hospital in Model Town in Ludhiana.

The surgery went for six hours-long hour to a Ludhiana-based infant who had a birth defect known as tripod deformity where an additional rudimentary leg was ascending from the back beside the two normal legs. The third leg was neurologically intact although the power in that leg was reduced. The birth defect was seemingly due to a parasitic Siamese twin. Patient’s MRI scan showed the presence of femur tibia fibula and the knee joint in the additional leg. Thus, the expert panel of doctors decided to perform corrective surgery to remove the third leg.

The infant belongs to a low-income family of labourers. Hence, he was taken to the hospital with the help of a city-based NGO. The surgery cost Rs 1.25 lakh.

The surgery required a multi-disciplinary approach. Four doctors performed the surgery on the infant and has been placed under observation at the paediatric ICU and is recovering.

It was carried out by neurosurgeon Dr RK Kaushal, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mohammad Yamin, paediatrics surgeon Dr RJ Singh and senior plastic surgery consultant Dr RavindraTah.

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