Doctors remove cricket ball-sized black fungus from 60-year-old's brain

The surgery went on for three hours

Doctors at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), Patna, successfully removed mucormycosis or black fungus from the brain of a 60-year-old infected patient. The size of the fungus was comparable to a cricket ball. The surgery was led by Dr Brajesh Kumar on Friday and went on for three hours.

The man, identified as Anil Kumar from Jamui, is currently stable. He had recently recovered from the coronavirus and was suffering from frequent episodes of dizziness and fainting for the past few days. Following which he was then referred to IGIMS and was detected with mucormycosis.

It is reported that the fungus entered the man’s brain through his nose but did not spread to his eyes and because of this, the 60-year-old’s eyes remained unhurt during the surgery.

Meanwhile, Bihar has so far reported more than 500 cases of mucormycosis. The state government declared mucormycosis as an epidemic on May 22. People get infected by black fungus after coming in contact with fungal spores in the environment, and most common among recovered patients of Covid-19, diabetic and patients with low immunity.

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