E-cigarettes containing nicotine may cause blood clotting

The study was conducted by Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in Sweden

A group of researchers found out that consuming e-cigarettes containing nicotine causes an immediate increase in the formation of blood clots. It will also cause adverse effects like the deterioration in the ability of small blood vessels to expand and dilate. They said that it's use will raise heart rate and blood pressure. All these harmful effects are researched and were presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.


The drug Nicotine is commonly known for increasing the levels of hormones such as adrenaline in the body and so in turn, it can increase the formation of blood clots.


A study was conducted by Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in Sweden. By this study, scientists analysed a group of twenty two people who aged between 18 to 45 years consist of women and men, who were occasional smokers but otherwise healthy. It was pointed out that using e-cigarettes which contained nicotine created a immediate short-term changes in the volunteers. They discovered that in the group, around 23 percent people had increase in blood clots after 15 minutes, which then again returned to normal levels after one hour.


There were also changes in the participant’s heart rates and blood pressure. The vessels of blood became temporarily narrower after they used nicotine containing e-cigarettes.

While all these effects were absent after volunteers used e-cigarettes that did not contain nicotine.


The Researchers are planning to start a new study to understand the effects wide vividly.


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