Five harmless factor that can lead to brain tumor

It is necessary that one should follow healthy lifestyle no matter what

The cause of brain tumor or the risk factor that led to the cause of brain tumor is widely unknown. So, it is necessary that one should follow healthy lifestyle no matter what. But some of the harmless factors may raise a person’s risk of developing a brain tumor.


Let see what those factors are:-


Age and gender- Brain tumors are more common in children and older adults, although we can’t rule out that people of any age can develop a brain tumor. For gender, men are more likely than women to develop a brain tumor. However, some specific types of brain tumors, such as meningioma, are more common in women.

Family history. About 5% of brain tumors may be linked to hereditary genetic factors or conditions. Scientists have also found “clusters” of brain tumors within some families without a link to these known hereditary conditions. Studies are underway to try to find a cause for these clusters.

Race and ethnicity played important role in developing brain tumors. In the United States, white people are more likely to develop gliomas but less likely to develop meningioma than black people. Also, people from northern Europe are more than twice as likely to develop a brain tumor as people in Japan.

Ionizing radiation Previous treatment to the brain or head with ionizing radiation, including x-rays, has been shown to be a risk factor for a brain tumor.

Dietary Supplements Dietary N-nitroso compounds may raise the risk of both childhood and adult brain tumors. Dietary N-nitroso compounds are formed in the body from nitrites or nitrates found in some cured meats, cigarette smoke, and cosmetics. Research is going on to found the linkages.

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