Give him bed or kill him with injection: Son after taking COVID positive father to hospital

The man already made several rounds of hospital in both Maharashtra and Telangana to get his father admitted, but can’t avail any

India is already facing the second wave of the deadly virus and in this scenario the common man are the worst sufferers. In a heart-wrenching incident a man from Maharashtra’s Chandrapur, is seen begging for a hospital bed for his ailing, elderly father who has been suffering from Covid-19. He said “Give him a hospital bed, or just kill him with an injection”.

The man identified as Sagar Kishore Naharshetivar, has already made several rounds of hospitals in both Maharashtra and Telangana to get his father admitted, but can’t avail any.

In a heart breaking picture his father seen lying in an ambulance outside a local hospital, where the man seen making heart wrenching plea “Either you make a bed available for him, or you kill him with an injection. I cannot take him home like this and you have no beds available”, his father’s oxygen level is also runs out.

The man said "I have been on the move since 3 pm yesterday. First I went to the Warora hospital, then the one in Chandrapur. Then we went to private hospitals as there were no beds."

With increasing number of patients, the hospital facing shortage of beds. Maharashtra, the worst affected state has been struggling to find beds, ventilators, oxygen for patients seeking medical help. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has asked for the army's help to tackle oxygen and medicine shortage.
In a similar incident yesterday, a 30-year-old woman travelled from Hazaribagh to Ranchi to admit her COVID-infected father at Sadar Hospital. The woman had to wait in the hospital’s parking lot for nearly 30 minutes before she got any help. By the time a doctor arrived, her father had passed away.

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