How to support a person with dementia as lockdown eases

Dementia is the problem of decrease in the thinking and social skill and it interferes with daily functioning

Majority of people are not aware and are blind to the true impact of dementia. The families which are living with dementia are in a position where specialist support and guidance is increasingly difficult to access which has caused distress for all concerned people.


Dementia is the problem of decrease in thinking and social skill and it interferes with daily functioning.


After the outbreak of Covid-19, the pandemic acted as a catalyst and has shone a light on these struggles. People who were diagnosed with dementia are also affected by coronavirus, as a recent study has shown.


As the lockdown eases, the number of people with dementia and their carers, both family and professional, needs recognition and support in their struggles which they face.


Families are becoming overwhelmed and uncertain around changes in the last one year. Even the people who are close to them are often unable to understand what’s happening, it becomes more challenging for families to communicate.


There are cases in which families with dementia, obstacles to daily tasks like food and shopping can be a source of intense anxiety.


The effects of dementia are severe as the loss of routine brought on by lockdown can be particularly distressing as many are unable to understand why this is happening.


People with dementia are likely to live with secondary conditions which can make them particularly susceptible to the Covid.


As the virus takes its toll, we are seeing vulnerable people with complex needs being left behind and denied access to holistic and specialised care.


In India, lockdowns have lasted months in some states and have seen restrictions on visitors to nursing homes. Because of dementia, if you are visiting one of your loved ones who were living far away from you, you might be wondering if their symptoms have worsened in lockdown, or if they remember who you are.


Dementia had more trouble thinking and problem solving. Their behaviour and mood worsened. So making dementia people mentally, physically and socially active helps maintain their brain and thinking.


Because of lockdowns, nursing home residents more than half have dementia and have got worse in terms of their thinking and well-being. Some even didn’t understand why they couldn’t move freely around the nursing home, and why their loved ones had stopped visiting which eventually led to increases in behaviours, such as agitation. There has been an increase in prescriptions of psychotropic medications which are used in nursing homes to manage behaviours such as aggression and agitation.


If you want to support a person you should take small steps and do some sole or group activities according to the situation with your close ones who are suffering from dementia.


Some activities together in some quiet place is always recommended. You should always support the person in their work so that they can be comfortable in their work and be free. We always have to be friendly around people with dementia.


You can not fully cure the problem of dementia and so you should help them in their daily work. And in this process you should always be patient while engaging in the process and even we should never lose our hope.

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