India records over 3 lakhs recoveries in 24 hours

Delhi witnesses highest recovery rate at 89.9%, followed by West Bengal with 84.9% and worst hit state Maharashtra with 84.1%

India’s corona surging hit global record with 4,01,993 fresh infections in the last 24 hours. It's the first time any country has witnessed more than 4 lakh cases in a single day. 

In a ray of hope, according to data May 1 and 2 India records nearly 3 Lakh COVID-19 Recoveries For the Second Consecutive Day.

Below are the list of worst affected states and the recovery percentage:-

 Maharashtra recorded a total of 69,710 recoveries taking the total number of discharged patients to 38,68,976. The recovery rate stands at 84.1%.  

Uttar Pradesh recorded 32,494 recoveries with total recovered patients of 9,28,971. The recovery rate is  74.2%.

Delhi recorded a total of 25,288 recoveries of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of recoveries to 10,33,825. The recovery rate in the national capital stands at 89.9%.

Kerala saw 17,500 COVID recoveries in the last 24 hours total recovery is 12,61,801. The recovery rate stands at 80.3%.    

In Madhya Pradesh, as many as 13,584 recoveries were recorded. The state has a recovery rate of 82.9%. 

West Bengal saw 13,932 patients recover from the virus. The recovery rate stands at 84.9%. 

In Karnataka, a total of 14,884 patients were discharged following treatment. The recovery rate now stands at 73.9%.     

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