Is nose burning a symptom of COVID?

The burning nose can also be caused by any bacterial or fungal growth or other viral infections

Different people experience different symptoms of coronavirus infection over the time since it comes in being last year. The primary symptoms are high fever, running rose and loss of sense of taste and smell.

But over time due to different mutations many people experience unusual symptoms like chest pain, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, sneezing etc. Along with that many people experience nose burning.

If you have nose burning as symptoms, should you be worried? Let’s see what expert say:-

One of the primary ways COVID-19 enters ones’ body is through their nose. The nasal cavity is also rich in ACE-2 receptors, which is an enzyme to which the virus's spike protein attaches itself and accelerates spread.

The ACE2 receptor concentration is highest in the nose; this is why upper respiratory tract symptoms are too common in COVID-19 cases. This is also the reason why scientists are working towards developing nasal COVID-19 vaccines which prevent spread and infection at the base level.

But burning sensation in your nose isn't a typical COVID-19 symptom. According to clinical studies, a burning nose is a common symptom experienced by COVID patients, who encountered blocked sinus and nasal congestion, and may even be a commonly 'unreported' symptom. Since the virus is known to cause widespread inflammation, nasal irritation or allergy can be common.

One should note that burning nose can also be caused by any bacterial or fungal growth or other viral infections. The burning nose could be due to any underlying infection, disrupted sinus or blockage.

It is usually a result of inflammation in the nasal passage, which further triggers the spread of pathogens.

So, it’s better to consult your registered medical practitioner than worried about Covid, it’s always better to do an RT-PCR test for further clarification.

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