Male contraceptive pills to launch soon

A huge funding of £1.2 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was received to boost this idea.

In a big boost, researchers from the University of Dundee have stepped closer in developing contraceptive pills for men after receiving a huge funding of £1.2 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The university has been one of the many institutions looking into the idea of developing the first safe and effective male contraceptive drug. However, no progress has been made for many years now.


Recent efforts have been slowed down due to the lack of understanding in human sperm biology and poor researches that convincingly show the key functions that sperm must carry out after leaving the male.


Earlier, the team also developed a miniaturised parallel testing system that uses a fast microscope and image-processing tools, which is expected to monitor the very fast movement of sperm in a more precise way.


The fund will help the researchers massively in continuing many more trials which may bring male contraceptive pills available soon in the market, to help bridge the gap between this stark inequality.

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