Over 7 Lakh cancer cases linked to alcohol consumption

The parameter was more than two drinks a day.

Alcohol, which has been blamed for years for causing chronic illnesses in the human body, has now been held responsible for cancer cases.


In a study conducted in 2020, it was seen that 4% more people were diagnosed with cancer who consumed alcohol, compared to people who didn’t. This was witnessed more in men. The parameter was more than two drinks a day.


The study added, more cancer cases were reported of mouth, pharynx, breast, rectum, liver etc. in which it was directly seen that the patient used to consume alcohol in a generous quantity. Alcohol consumption directly affects the DNA, resulting in the production of harmful chemicals in the body, it added.


Tobacco, which is considered as one of the major causes of cancer, alcohol amplifies the cancer-causing effect in it. It is not just seen in a single country but all over the world alcohol consumption is increasing the cases of deadly cancer.


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