Pandemic leaving children orphaned?

Helpline to address the needs of children who have lost their parents or whose parents are hospitalised

As India is facing the worst surge of coronavirus, the children are becoming the most vulnerable.

There were several cases coming up where children are losing their parents to Covid-19. While some have lost both their parents and have no one to look after them, others are in a situation where a single surviving parent is unable to take care of them financially and psychologically.

Some of the recent cases coming up, in Kolkata, a new-born baby recently lost both her parents and grandparents. The baby too tested positive for Covid-19 but survived. The baby’s relatives were reportedly reluctant to take care of her. Finally, the little girl’s maternal grandparents, who live in another city, took charge.

In Karnataka, there were two cases in which children who lost their parents were left without any support.

In another case, Delhi Police rescued two siblings who were allegedly planning to end their lives after their parents died of Covid-19 last week. In many of these cases, relatives are the first resort. But most of them are reluctant to take care.

In these tough situation, there several calls for adoption of these children have been circulating on social media, but that neither authenticate way to adopt nor guarantee safety to the children.

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has urged people not to fall for misinformation doing the rounds on social media. The commission advised interested families to follow the legal process to initiate adoption.

DCPCR chairperson Anurag Kundu tweeted: “Do not believe anyone who says he/she can give you the child for adoption. They are either lying or misleading or simply involved in illegal practices. Do reach out to your lawyer friends for advice.”

The commission has launched a helpline (+91-9311551393) to address the needs of children who have lost their parents or whose parents are hospitalised.

The pandemic has left children vulnerable since last year. NGO’s have found cases of sexual abuse of children in slums, cases of incest also documented.

There also cases of early marriage reported to children who lost their parents from Covid. NGO report has suggested that the poorer sections of society that are most vulnerable.

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