Patient asks for sanitizer, COVID centre staff advices him to use urine instead

Lack of supplies and repeated demand of patients had irked the staff to behaved rudely

India is facing the worst hit in the second wave of corona virus across the country, not only that India also face shortage of medical supplies like oxygen and Remdesivir and also facing the shortage of vaccine. In this time heart breaking news are surfacing around the internet.

A shocking incident had taken place in Chhattisgarh in Dhamtari, where a patient ask for soap and sanitizer to the Panchayat Secretary. Instead of arranging the necessities, the patient was asked to use urine. This had led to conflict between the two.

At Dhamtari Latiyara Panchayat, isolation centre was created for the patient but there lack of basic necessities like soap and sanitizer, the patients keep on demanding and the staff can’t provide it, getting irked by repeated demand from the patients the staff behaved rudely, ask patients to use bottle of urine instead of sanitizer.

This incident had created ruckus in the Covid Isolation centre. However, later the Panchayat Secretary realizes his mistake and apologized to patients.

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