Sharad Pawar takes second dose of COVID vaccine

The 80-year-old leader got the first dose on March 1

The National Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar received the second dose of vaccine against Covid-19 at his residence on Wednesday, on the occasion of World Health Day.

After his vaccination, he took to Twitter thanking the medical team for their service. He also urged everyone to take vaccines. He Said "I took the second dose of Covid 19 vaccination this morning. Many thanks to Doctor Lahane and her medical team as well as Shraddha More, the nurse who skillfully gave both doses."

He also added "Coincidentally, today is World Health Day. On this occasion, I urge all citizens to take an active part in the fight against this virus by completing the COVID-19 vaccination process as soon as possible."

Pawar had been advised a week's rest and will undergo a gallbladder surgery after 15 days if all his health parameters are found to be stable. The 80-year-old leader got the first dose on March 1.

Pawar has also appealed to people to get their inoculation completed, as per Centre's guidelines, at the earliest.

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