Spider venom helps prevent heart attacks: Scientists

Soon the tests will be conducted on humans and more vivid results could be seen.

Heart attacks can now be saved from the venom of one of the world’s deadliest spider species.


Scientists in Australia have been working on the venom of funnel-web spiders and at the initial level of lab testing and have found these can actually save lives from the life taking harmful effects of heart attacks. Soon these tests will be conducted on humans and more vivid results could be seen then.


Nathan Palpan, a scientist in the University of Queensland, said that the venom was seen helping the body to stop sending death signals after a heart attack, which mainly causes the cells to die.


He said that after a heart attack, there is a low flow of blood which causes a lack of oxygen in the heart muscles. With this shortage of oxygen, the cells become acidic which eventually send the heart to the heart cells to die.


With research being done for over a decade, there hasn’t been any drug development to stop sending the death signals to the heart cells. This is why a lot of deaths happen because of heart diseases.


A part of protein was used from the venom which targets the human heart cells that are more exposed to heart-attack stresses.


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