15 BJP members resign in Lakshadweep

They also called the administrator's decisions 'unscientific and irresponsible'.

About 15 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders and workers in Lakshadweep has resigned from the party after a sedition case was filed against filmmaker Aisha Sultana allegedly for her comments against the Centre's COVID-19 management in the union territory.

In their resignation letter to Lakshadweep party president, they said that their resignation is against the case where Aisha was named who, during a channel discussion, stated how Lakshadweep went from zero COVID cases to rampant virus cases with the arrival of the present administrator.

They also called the administrator's decisions 'unscientific and irresponsible'.

"When BJP workers including you in Lakshadweep and the people have been protesting against the undemocratic actions, you have filed a false and unjustified complaint against Chetlath sister, and are ruining her family and her future. We convey our strong objection and submit our resignation from the primary membership from BJP," they added.

Abdul Hameed Mullipuzha, BJP state secretary, is among the party leaders who resigned. The Lakshadweep police had registered a case against filmmaker Aisha with charges of sedition and hate speech on Thursday.

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