BJP high-command censures Ex-Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh

BJP top brass cautioned him on Tuesday, saying his conduct is "unacceptable"

Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh, Former West Bengal BJP chief has got a 'strict' letter from the party headquarters in Delhi, warning him about his comments on the present state party chief that have "caused embarrassment" to the central leadership.

Dilip Ghosh had publicly criticised earlier his successor Sukanta Majumdar's handling of party affairs in the state after BJP lost the election to Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress. "Sukanta Majumdar is less experienced. The party has been fighting for a long and there are experienced veterans...They should be put up to fight in the state," Dilip Ghosh told reporters about his own party colleague.  

In a strict letter BJP said to Dilip Ghosh, "In [a] recent interview, your comments in the electronic media and perhaps on other forums have been openly critical of senior state functionaries. Such comments will only hurt and harm the party and negate your own hard work in the past." 

The letter also said, "The national leadership of the BJP is deeply concerned at the issuance of such statements through the media...On the instructions of National [party] President Shri JP Nadda ji, I wish to convey to you the party's deep anguish...I sincerely hope you would appreciate the sensitivity of the situation, particularly in West Bengal, and shall always remain more discreet in your dealings with or any public fora." 

"While your commitment to the party has been absolute, there have been some avoidable instances when some of your statements or outbursts have anguished the state party leaders and have also caused embarrassment to the central leadership," the letter also added.

The letter sent to Dilip Ghosh was signed by BJP headquarters in-charge Arun Singh warns Ghosh, "in the fond hope that you will take note," and also mentioned that Ghosh ignored party's previous advice.

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