Congress demands withdrawal of 'Modi Tax' on petrol, diesel

The Congress leader accused the government of loot the country of 20 lakh crore through fuel prices.

Congress on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government over the rising petrol and diesel prices, accusing the administration of working for only two ‘businessmen’ in the country.

Lashing out at the Centre over the increasing fuel prices, Congress leader Pawan Khera said that the countrymen are paying the ‘Modi tax’ in the form of excise tax."We demand an immediate withdrawal of this additional Modi Tax imposed over the last 6.8 years," Kher said. Khera claimed that if the government rolls back the excise duty, the petrol price would come down to Rs 61.92 per litre and Diesel price to Rs 47.51 per litre.

“In May 2014, the International Crude Oil Price was $108 per barrel and petrol was selling at Rs 71.51 per liter in Delhi while Diesel was selling at Rs 57.28 per litre. The International Crude oil prices as on February 1, 2021 were $54.41 per barrel and yet as of today, the price of petrol is Rs 89.29 per litre in the national capital whereas Diesel is selling at Rs 79.70 per litre,” Khera said, addressing a press conference.

The Congress leader accused the government of loot the country of 20 lakh crore through fuel prices. “Where did this 20 lakh crore go? It’s not been seen in any sector. Can this be termed as a criminal conspiracy to benefit only a few crony friends?” Khera asked.

The Congress accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of keeping the society busy in a constant struggle and use hatred and fear-mongering to keep everyone busy so that their (government) shortcomings are not highlighted. Khera further accused the saffron party of ‘manufacturing controversies’ hide their shortcomings. “Suffering’ has gripped a large section of society from farmers, to youth. Although the ‘suffering’ has managed to unite those suffering,” Khera said.

"What are the emotions through which they try to keep India busy? Anger! Hatred! Fear! Their strategy is predictable, generate these emotions and create villains. For this, they will borrow from mythology, from their version of history, from global events that may have nothing to do with us. They will keep invoking villains against who our collective emotions can be directed," added Khera.

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