Free electricity in Punjab if AAP wins: Kejriwal

300 units free for each family and a waiver on previous power bills

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has promised Punjab 24-hour electricity, 300 units free for each family and a waiver on previous power bills if come to power in next year's assembly elections.

Kejriwal said, "This is Kejriwal's promise, not Captain's vows. We deliver our promises. Captain's promises haven't been fulfilled even after 5 years".

He cites his promise to Delhi ahead of polls, where he said he kept promises. Kejriwal speaks at Chandigarh Press Club he also added “if AAP wins in Punjab, the power bill waiver promise will be met immediately. Every household in the state will also get free electricity up to 300 units. "By doing this, around 77 per cent to 80 per cent people of Punjab will have zero electricity bill. The promise of 24X7 power supply might take up to three years to meet.”

AAP this time had hoped to bag neighbouring Punjab this time. But according to data his promise of creating 25 lakh jobs, ₹ 5 meals, free WiFi, entrepreneurship schemes, old-age pensions and drug-free state had failed to draw enough votes which resulted only 20 seats.

At last Kejriwal also said that they had reached out to people from across Punjab and found that they are "very unhappy" about the electricity costs. "Some women said electricity bills are sometimes of 50 per cent of the household income. How are they to manage?" he added.

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