From Jai Shree Ram to Jai Bankim, PM Modi changes Battle plan for Bengal

Modi said that the BJP government in the state should be formed not just for political 'poribartan', but 'asol poribartan'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed to have changed his battle plan for Bengal, from 'Jai Shree Ram' to 'Jai Bankim'.

Modi, while addressing a public meeting at Chinsurah Dunlop ground in Hooghly district, spoke in Bengali, invoked Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, spoke about the verses of Vande Mataram and went on to say that there is a need of 'asol poriborton'.

He said that ignorance towards Bengali icons like Bankim, who gave a new lease of life to the freedom struggle is nothing but a "huge politics" that focuses on vote bank and appeasement politics by the government in West Bengal.

“I came to know that Vande Mataram Bhawan, where Bankim Chandra ji lived for five years, is in a dilapidated state. This is the same Bhawan where he wrote the poem ‘Vande Mataram’, which gave a new momentum to the freedom struggle,” Modi said.

"Unfortunately, the place where ‘amar gaan’ ‘Vande Mataram’ was penned by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee is not in a good shape. It is an injustice to Bengal’s pride. I see a huge politics behind it (ignorance towards Bengali icons), which focuses on vote bank politics and ‘tushtikaran’ (appeasement) and not patriotism," he added.

Meanwhile, Modi also mentioned that the BJP government in the state should be formed not just for political 'poribartan' (political change), but 'asol poribartan' (real change). "Lotus will bring that 'asol poribartan' that youth aims for," he said.

“Our priority is West Bengal’s development and it's good to see that people here already made up their mind for ‘Real Poribortan’ (real change). This year ‘rail and metro railway’ connectivity is our priority. Such developmental work should have been done much before but now we should not delay it further,” he said.

The Prime Minister also inaugurated the extension of the Metro Railway from Noapara to Dakshineswar. The total cost of this project was Rs 464 crore and the extension will cover a distance of nearly 4.1 km.

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