Meghalaya BJP Minister urges citizens to eat beef, opposition mocks

Questioning BJP's 'Hindutva' credentials, Shiv Sena pointed out the minister's 'beef remark'

BJP leader and Meghalaya cabinet minister Sanbor Shullai said that there is a need to encourage people to “eat more beef than any other meat”.

On being asked about the reason behind this, the three-time legislator of South Shillong said that by encouraging people to eat more beef “it will subside the wrong information in their mind that the BJP will impose cow slaughter law.”

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the senior BJP leader who was sworn in as a cabinet minister last week said, "I encourage the people to eat more beef than chicken, mutton or fish. By encouraging people to eat more beef, the perception that BJP will impose a ban on cow slaughter will be dispelled".

Meanwhile, questioning BJP's 'Hindutva' credentials, Shiv Sena on Tuesday, pointed out to Meghalaya BJP minister Sanbor Shullai's 'eat beef' remark, terming it anti-Hindu.

Stating that Shullai is yet to face any action for his remark, Sena, via its mouthpiece Saamana, called BJP's Hindutva 'flexible' as per the situation.

Alleging that if such a statement was made in a non-BJP ruled state, Sena said BJP would have gheraoed the minister's home,
demanded his resignation, told him to go to Pakistan and demanded President's rule in the state.


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