Nadda and Congress over farmer and Firm laws

“Why is Congress misleading farmers”, says JP Nadda. “Who is JP Nadda”, Rahul hits back

BJP president J P Nadda hit back at Rahul Gandhi as he alleges Modi government over national security and also targeted the Congress leader over a host of issues, including agriculture and COVID-19. Gandhi has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of national security after reports that China has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh.

"When will Rahul Gandhi, his dynasty and Congress stop lying on China? Can he deny that thousands of kms, including the one in Arunachal Pradesh he is referring to was gifted by none other than Pandit Nehru to the Chinese? Time and again, why does Congress surrender to China?" Nadda tweeted. The BJP chief also accused Gandhi of "provoking and misleading" farmers and asked why did the Congress-led UPA government "stall" the Swaminathan Commission report for years and did not increase the minimum support price (MSP). "Why did farmers remain poor for decades under Congress governments? Does he feel sympathy for farmers only in opposition?" he asked.

Nadda alleged that Gandhi has been spreading lies that all Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) mandis will be closed down and asked him that wasn't action against the APMC Act a part of the Congress manifesto. Would that not have closed down mandis, he questioned the Congress leader.

In response Rahul Gandhi told in a press conference, "Who is he that I have to answer to him? Is he my professor? I will answer to the country." Rahul Gandhi also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of monopolising the agriculture sector as he renewed his attack against the Centre over the contentious farm laws. He released a booklet to highlight the pitfalls of the legislation enacted in September last year. "There is a tragedy unfolding today in the country, govt wants to ignore the issue and misinform the country," he said while addressing a conference after the release. "I am not going to speak about farmers alone as it is only part of the tragedy. It is important for youngsters. This is not about present but about your future," he added.

"Today, every industry is under a monopoly of three to five people. Be it airport, telecom or power. Modi government wants to give the agriculture sector as well to those four to five industrialists," he added. He said that the new farm reforms are designed to destroy India's agriculture sector. "The biggest business in this country is agriculture. Sixty per cent of our people are engaged in agriculture and in terms of value; agriculture is by far the biggest hit. Now we are seeing is that the last bastion which was protected from monopoly is now being overrun. Three new laws have been passed. They are designed to destroy agriculture by destroying the mandi, Essential Commodities Act, and by making sure that no Indian farmer can go to court to protect himself," he added.

Farmers are agitating against Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020; the Farmers Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and farm Services Act 2020 and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020.The Centre has postponed the tenth round of talks scheduled to be held today with the farmers. The meeting will now take place on January 20.

Ankita Chakraborty

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