Navjot Singh Sidhu missing?

Politician's posters spotted in Amritsar with reward of Rs 50,000

“Missing” posters of the Congress leader, Navjot Singh Sidhu, have surfaced in the East constituency represented by him as an MLA. A reward of Rs 50,000, too, has been assured to anyone who gives information about him.

An NGO, Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Sewa Society, has put up these posters titled as ‘Gumshuda Di Talaash’ near Jauda Phatak in Rasoolpur Kalar area, where the train tragedy had occurred in October 2018 during Dusehra festivities that had killed scores of people.

Sidhu had announced to adopt the families of this area only whose breadwinners lost lives in the train catastrophe, but never fulfilled it.

Anil Vashisht, the NGO head, said: “The mounds of garbage, broken roads, filthy water ponds speak volumes about the MLA’s careless attitude towards the residents. The voters had showed faith in him and elected him multiple times as MP and MLA.”

He said that the people of the East constituency were eagerly waiting for him to visit them during the trying times of COVID crisis, but in vain.

“Amritsar residents have showered their blessings on him and his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu many times, which took them to occupy plum political posts, but what have they done in return? Just nothing! We promise to give Rs 50,000 to anyone who traces him,” he said.

Another resident Deepak sarcastically said that people should now ‘thoko taali” for getting him a seat in Assembly and in return they got ‘Baba Jee ka Thulu”.

This was not the first time Sidhu's ‘missing’ posters were put up here. Earlier, in September 2009 also, when he represented the Amritsar Parliamentary seat, similar posters were pasted by the Congress leaders then.


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