PM missing along with vaccines, oxygen, medicines: Rahul

He accused the government of "abdicating" its duty towards the citizens.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that he is 'missing' just like COVID-19 vaccines, oxygen and medicines and claimed that all that remained is the Central Vista Project and PM's photos.

In another tweet, he accused the government of "abdicating" its duty towards the citizens as the pandemic rages on and insisted that people must come together for others in need.

"The prime minister is also missing, along with vaccines, oxygen and medicines. All that remain are the Central Vista Project, GST (goods and services tax) on medicines and the prime minister's photos here and there," Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

The former Congress president has been extremely critical of PM Mod-led government's handling of the coronavirus crisis and demanded answers as the nation suffered from the lack of oxygen, medicines and vaccines as cases surged in the second wave of COVID-19.

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