Rajinikanth’s new Party is all set to launch on December 31

Speculation is that the superstar may debut with Makkal Sevai Katchi

Rajinikanth is all set to launch his political party for the upcoming election, he is currently in Mumbai and likely to return to Chennai on December 29.

The party was originally registered as Anaithinthiya Makkal Shakthi Kazhagam, but the name was later changed to Makkal Sevai Katchi through an amended Election Commission notification that was issued two and a half months back, speculation is that the superstar may debut with Makkal Sevai Katchi. The party's symbol in all likelihood would be an auto-rickshaw.

According to a report, it is revealed that the application lists the two-finger pose made famous by the actor in his 2002 film ‘Baba’ as its first poll symbol. In the second place is the auto-rickshaw symbol. It may be recalled that the auto is the indicative symbol of his 1995 blockbuster Baashha. The party may be allowed for the auto symbol as the two-finger symbol is associated with the party symbol of the Indian National Congress.

Now it’s just a matter of a few days when we get to see the grand launch of his party and symbol.

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