Tripura tribal farmers grow Apple Ber, first in Northeast

Tripura's Tribal farmers are creating history by cultivatinga horticultural fruit, Apple Ber.

The Covid-19 pandemic which drastically impacted the economy of our country and also affecting the entire food system and has laid bare its fragility.


Tribal farmers in Tripura are working on to find a new way amid the shortage to sustain throughout are creating a history by cultivating a horticultural fruit, Apple Ber.


Tripura has become the first state from Northeastern regions of India to cultivate Apple Ber.


Tribal farmers of the state are thrilled to replace horticultural fruits with the traditional ones.


Bikramjit Chakma who lives in northern Tripura’s Pencharthal motivated his relatives and friends to cultivate two different varieties of horticultural fruit that is Sinduri Apple Ber and Kashmiri Apple Ber.


Chakma who is graduated by Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) from a Tripura college in 2011 is now working as a government employee.


Farmers had earned a profit of rupees 6 lakhs within a year by cultivating the two varieties of Apple Ber in over two acres of land.


Chakma further states that through horticulture cultivations, one can easily attain financial profit within a year and the same won’t have been possible through the traditional cultivations such as cucumber, tomato, brinjal, etc.


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