Juhi's conduct 'shocks' court

The high court had dismissed the lawsuit by Chawla and others against the setting up of 5G technology

The Delhi High Court expressed shock at the conduct of Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla and two others for not willing to gracefully deposit a penalty of rupees 20 lakh imposed on them for filing a fatuous request against the setting up of 5G technology in India.


Justice J.R. Midha had granted Juhi and two others petitioners a week’s time to deposit the penalty amount.


Justice Midha stated over Juhi Chawla’s latest application," I was shocked...This court took a lenient view and did not issue contempt when case was made out...You say the court had no power to impose costs [but] court has the power to issue contempt.”


The Delhi High Court in June while rejecting her petition against the implementation of 5G technology in India.


The court had also termed the plea as a publicity stunt which was done without any knowledge of the issue.


The actor in her plea had attempted a scientific study of any adverse effects of radio-frequency radiation emitted by cellular telecommunications using 5G technology on health and life of adult or child, or to flora and fauna in the country before its official rollout.

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