Is colour related to gender?

Initially, colour pink was tossed in the boy’s lap whereas blue was given to girls

Today world is advocating and encouraging equality for both men and women. Every stone is being turned to ensure that children are emancipated from stereotypical limitations. But even today society uses color as a symbol of genders. We all are familiar with the concept that a particular color represents particular sex. Pink has been allotted to girls whereas blue belongs to boys. This is an accepted notion in our society. But where did this concept come from?

Well, it is believed that this division of colour began in the United States. Before the 19th century, kids would wear only white clothes, at least until they were five. Those days’ colours were not used to represent gender among children. But then things started to change in the early 20th century. Pastel colours gained popularity and colours for clothing were distributed among girls and boys. Initially, colour pink was tossed in the boy’s lap whereas blue was given to girls. In those days it was believed that pink would be suitable for boys as it is a stronger colour where blue represents delicacy and feminism, therefore would be apt for girls.

But then in 1940s table were turned again. This time there was an exchange of colours. Blue was handed over to boys and pink to girls. The reason for this shift is inconspicuous. But then the 60’s and 70’s witnessed the emergence of the women liberation movement. The trend of marking gender with colour was negated. The members of the movement said that putting girls in a ‘girly colour’ is restricting their lives. The colour division was bashed in those days.

But today’s society is still interested to dress their girls in pink and boys in blue. This concept is ingrained in today’s societal fabric. But history has taught us that society has always changed its stance regarding ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ is concerned. But as far children are concerned parents should not limit their kids to gendered roles. It could harm their self-confidence. Girls should be restricted to dolls and boys to cars only.

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