Wedding on Cards? Tips to give you stunning wedding look

Bronzer powder to add some depth and shadows to your face

  There is no gainsaying that the wedding day is the highlight for any girl. Plans are made to arrange everything with crystal perfection. Not only for the bride and groom everyone, be it, friends or relatives, but wedding days are also special for all. So, if you are planning to attend a friend’s wedding, and are unsure what makeup to use, here are some makeup tips that will put you in limelight.

 1. While attending a wedding, you may get immersed in various activities, so it is imperative that your makeup should last long. So, to have long-lasting makeup apply some primer. It will also even out your face. Aloe Vera gel can be the perfect option for natural primer. 

2. Apply lightweight foundation. Its use will protect you against the melting down of a thick layer of products while celebrating your friend’s wedding. If you have dry skin mix your foundation with a few drops of facial oil. It will give a flawless appearance to your face.

3. If there are blemishes on your face, the concealer is the right product for you. Pick a concealer with a shade the same as your skin tone and apply it to dark spots on your face. It will even out the color tone of your face.

 4. Chiselled look will always make your face appealing. So, use bronzer powder to add some depth and shadows to your face. Bronzer powder is very useful to define your cheekbones. Use bronzer to define your cheekbone to masquerade your double chin. 

 5. Add some powder to give your cheeks a rosy look. Blushing powder is very efficient in giving an apparently healthy and fresh look to your skin. The right shade of blush will give a natural flush to your face.
So these were some basic but effective tips to enhance your beauty. If one of these days someone close to you is getting married, don’t underestimate the aforementioned tips, they will definitely add some layers of charm.

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