Political sensation is over. Rajinikanth says, “won’t join politics”

Is it Sasikala Natarajan who blatantly opposed Rajnikanth emerging as another new charismatic leader in Dravidian politics?

It is confirmed now that ‘Thalaiva’, superstar Rajinikanth has tweeted he "Won't join Politics" citing his frail health reasons. The suspense and speculation of Rajinikanth joining politics and launching his party which was going the rounds for the last three years finally got ended. However we were first to announce that his joining politics and launching his party is still on the negotiation table, unlike many media houses that confirmed the launch of the party on January 2021 and few even went few steps further to confirm ' Auto' as the election symbol of the party.

Now the million-dollar question is, is it only the health issue that made Thalaiva opted out of politics. Probably not. If one could go by every line of the tweet Rajnikant mentioned only he knows the amount of pain hidden in making this announcement. Our insider sources reveal the top brass of local Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) Mr.Gurumurthy an auditor by profession was the key person who was in contact with Mr. Amit Shah of BJP  in this entire Thalaiva episode. Then was it any wrong move by Mr.Gurumurthy, compelled Rajnikant to take this big decision?  Sources further revealed that the plan was  Rajnikant's party if at all launched would have acted as 'B' party of BJP in the forthcoming Tamil Nadu State Elections. The entire idea was to penetrate and to cut votes on the strong bastion of DMK through Rajnikant's innumerable fan following and supporters. The negotiations were on in this particular matrix and formula. But somehow at this moment, it is felt that the negotiations failed to work for both the parties and hence this announcement by Rajinikanth. The exact reasons are still not known. Some political analysts are of opinion that the release of AIADMK Chinnamma Sasikala from custody on 27th January could have acted as a prime reason for the entire change of plan by BJP top brass.

Is it Sasikala Natarajan who is once again to hold the reign AIADMK disapproved of this negotiation and blatantly opposed Rajnikanth emerging as another new charismatic leader in Dravidian politics? Or is it  BJP top brass sitting in Delhi have some more trump cards below their sleeves to play which will shortly be visible within the coming few weeks. Only time will tell and decide the future course of Tamil Nadu politics.

Nilanjan DasGupta

Editor-in-chief, India Scanner

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