The Rise of the Right in Bengal

The book ended with a strong line as the author said, “Bengal was waiting for a Hindu Aura of Authority- Narendra Modi”: said Shivprakash.

Rise of a huge anti-incumbency and an immense desire of change is not a taboo but a strong ground reality in Bengal in 2021. Mamata’s citadel has been challenged highly by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Both TMC-BJP plays identity politics and religious card but Narendra Modi is far ahead to construct his National identity of reliance than the inconfident Mamata Bandopadhyay in a ‘State of failure’.

The Rise of the Right in Bengal - A book by Animesh Biswas, National convener of BJP’s ‘Save Bengal’ campaign and edited by senior journalist Jayanta Guha is worth reading to understand the deconstruction of many myths of political Bengal.

Interestingly the book is forwarded by Shivprakash, BJP’s National Joint General Secretary (organization). “The one of the most interesting parts of this book revealed the roadmap of “Right” narrative in West Bengal (2014-2019 mainly), under the leadership of Amit Shah and crafted with details on how Bharatiya Janata Party become popular in West Bengal. The book vividly described the influence of Amit Shah’s Mission Bengal 2019 and ended with a strong line as the author said, “Bengal was waiting for a Hindu Aura of Authority”- Narendra Modi”, said Shivprakash.

In a lucid conversation with the writer and the Editor of the book, Jayanta Guha said, “On the eve of 2019 Lok Sabha election, my long time friend and a humble Swayam Sevak,  Animesh Biswas invited me in his project “The Rise of the Right in Bengal” and asked my opinion. My instant reaction was, “which Bengal you are talking about? Let me first know about that. There are many shades of history on Bengal but very easy to understand this land of nationalist identity.”

Animesh Biswas smiled and said “No doubts that I love to discover Bengal through the piece of history emerged from the mind of Sir Jadunath Sarkar, Ramesh Chandra Mazumder and Rakhal Das Bandopadhyay. That is the body and mind in this land of tolerance and confluence of many cultures when the spirit must be Ramakrishna Sangha, Swami Vivekananda and Vande Mataram”.

At the end of our ‘Adda’, journalist Jayanta Guha firmly said, “I am delighted that Bengal is going to embrace, not an emotional fiction but the sharpest reportage without any theoretical baggage from Animesh Biswas. This book is his first expression of a vast project called “The Rise of the Right in Bengal”.          


Nilanjan DasGupta

Editor-in-chief, India Scanner

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