CM Narayanswamy gives Befitting Reply to Modi and Amit Shah

Narayanswamy had also said that “I am going to sue Amit Shah, if he failed to prove the allegation that I gave money to the Gandhi family”

On previous day, the Union Minister Amit Shah in his rally to Puducherry had targets CM Narayanswamy and Rahul Gandhi. Today, in turn CM Narayanswamy gives befitting reply to Modi and Amit Shah.

Shah, takes the jibe at CM and said that Congress accused BJP for falling of government, but it is not the case, it because of the lie of the CM Narayanswamy. He give the clue of the video surfaced in social media where old lady accused that CM not visited and helped people during cyclone Nivar in front of Rahul Gandhi in Tamil, which he explains to Gandhi that the lady praises him for his work in cyclone affected area.

He also said that many ministers had resigned due to anti-party activities within the party. He had also pointed out the rising unemployment rate in the country and asserted that if BJP comes to power then then reduced the unemployment rate from 75% to 40%.

He also takes dig at Rahul Gandhi, when he says that no ministries for fisheries and said government has already formed Ministry of Fishery back in 2019.

In response to Amit Shah, Narayanswamy gives befitting reply today.

The first was with the appointment of Governor KiranBedi. The central government raised various issues by appointing Deputy Governor Kiran Bedi. Amit Shah, in his visit to Puducherry has raised different concern regarding development of the state, but the reality was that KiranBedi was prevented from doing anything by the government welfare schemes and mainly against the Puducherry government. Later the Central Government was involved in the coup d'etat by appointing Tamilisai Saundarajan as the Governor. They extorted money from Congressmen and not focus on any development of the state. CM said that the government had made every effort to hold panchayat elections but it was Kiran Bedi who had stopped it. Currently the Prime Minister is blaming the Puducherry government for the fall of government, lies and non-development of the UT’s but it is actually severe false accusation.

The CM has asserted that the Puducherry government had also functioned well during the Corona period and also during the Nivar, the CM himself visited different places and ensures that the relief reached the affected areas.

Narayanswamy has also said “We went to Cholai village and met people during Nivar storm. There is evidence for that. But the BharatiyaJanata Party, N.R. The Congress and the AIADMK are all together stigmatizing me”.

He also said that “Amit Shah during his visit to Karaikal, has made an unnecessary accusation against me”. Amit Shah has said that Narayanasamy took some of the INR 15,000 crore given by the central government and gave the rest to the Gandhi family. Narayanswamy challenged Amit Shahto prove it, “the BJP government should clarify who and when he had sent INR 15,000 crore. No amount has yet arrived to come to Pondicherry. Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah both are lying”.

They are also defaming the image of Rahul Gandhi and his family by making baseless allegations. Rahul Gandhi is very popular among the people in Tamil Nadu. BJP is just spreading false information to spoil his image. Narayanswamy had also said that “I am going to sue Amit Shah,if he failed to prove the allegation that I gave money to the Gandhi family. If he can prove then I should publicly apologize to the people of the country.”

Narayanswamy has exposed the lies of the opposition parties in his replies. This is not the first time BJP has also gained power in states like Manipur, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka etc by alliance formation and overthrow elected government.

Ankita Chakraborty

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