Death of Politics

The ideological difference doesn't mean personal animosity but in West Bengal, this seems to be a contrary scenario

Today the world is looking upon India that how a nation of 1.3 billion-plus is trying to fight against a deadly virus that has bought devastation upon its citizens. It's time to have faith in our grit to fight it out. As team India we have to win. But the opposition political parties with their petty political goals are breaking the chain of unity.

 It's so painful to see the dear and near ones going away. I recall meeting one of the CPMs ideologue Gitesh Sharma an 80 plus year young man whom I met recently during elections, who said ‘ Animesh you need to meet me more often “ and I said yes sir I have a lot to learn from you. It’s sad to hear the news of his depart I pray to Lord Krishna to give him place in his abode. He called himself an atheist. I said to him that as per atal ji, “Naastikta me bhi ek aastikta hoti hai” means there is a kind of faith when you don’t have any faith. I pay my tributes to him. 

The ideological difference doesn't mean personal animosity but in West Bengal, this seems to be a contrary scenario. The chief minister didn’t turn up for the meeting which was called upon by the Prime Minister to help the areas affected by YAAS. It brings to my mind that have our political agendas and ego have surpassed the oath one takes while assuming the office as head of the state to protect its common people. I recall when prime minister Modi after assuming office when to meet Manmohan Singh to have a courtesy meeting as a state protocol. Where is the ethos of being a politician to work in sync? 

The violence Bengal has seen after 2nd May is unprecedented and has been in the cruellest of forms. Rape, murder, violence is continuing while I write this piece. Can a real democracy accept such kind of lawlessness where the opposite political thought can’t be accepted? 

Democracy is taking everyone along even when they don’t believe in your ideology, it's about the basics of acceptability, respect, fundamental rights. In West Bengal, all the above are in shackles. 

We went in elections with a goal of our leaders call about “ Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” and we had grand dreams of making West Bengal Sonar Bangla. The results didn’t go in our favor and we have a long fight which we vow to take forward. BJP’s worked never gets defeated, either we win or we learn. With this motto, we shall democratically fight another democratic war. 

During one meeting with Gitesh Sharma ji's colleague said to me “How come a nice young chap like you landed up in BJP and RSS?” I answered, I am nice because I am a svaymsevak and landed in the right party. We as an ordinary supporter of Nationalist ideology are bound to bring the change which Bengal awaits. 

As Gitesh ji accepted that Communist did more harm than favour to Bengal. I pay my tributes to a senior political thinker and hope Bengal will recognise its soul of being a land of tolerance and reform. The current times will not last forever and one day the Sun will rise from East to give India & the world a light of hope which is needed more than ever. Swami Vivekananda’s land will again give a message to the world of peace and brotherhood.

Animesh Biswas

National Executive Member, BJP Yuva Morcha

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