Netaji's 'Parakram' is our National Pride

Netaji’s thought was that the country can only prosper when the people of the land are healthy and can achieve greatness when he or she has a strong mind and a healthy body.

Netaji’s slogan - “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do- main Tumhe Azadi Dunga” (Give me blood- I will give you freedom) sparked patriotism into undivided India that was longing for freedom. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s role in the Indian freedom struggle stands among the tallest and he is indeed one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.
It is so inspiring to imagine the belief of nationalism Netaji had within that he left civil services which was the top job during the British rule. He left elite administrative service to serve Maa Bharti. A true patriot, Subhash Chandra Bose wrote on 23rd February 1921 wrote to his brother Sarat Chandra Bose, “The principle of serving an alien bureaucracy is one to which I cannot reconcile myself. The illustrations example Aurobindo Ghosh looms large before my vision. I feel that I am ready to make the sacrifice that had example demands of me. My circumstances are also favourable.” In this letter, he also wrote, “Aurobindo is my spiritual guru. To him and his mission I have dedicated my life and soul.” He decisively told his brother that his decision of resigning from civil service and taking a public service is final. The search for dedication to serving the mother nation speaks volumes about a great nationalist mind.
Today our Nation needs Swami Vivekananda and Netaji both, they are more important to us than ever. Netaji’s thought was that the country can only prosper when the people of the land are healthy and one can achieve greatness when he or she has a strong mind and a healthy body. Netaji drew inspiration from swami Vivekananda and his belief in Geeta enabled him to be a karma-yogi to achieve freedom for undivided India. At present time, Netaji’s life itself is a message to the youth of the nation which is an example of how to attain a fearless mind and a healthy body that is more relevant for the post-covid world. His urge for asking every youth and woman to come out & spent time for a healthy life seems so important for every human life on the planet.
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who was elected president of the Bagbazar Sarbajaneen Durgaotsav Committee in 1938 enabled ‘Swadeshi Mela’ also along with Durga puja. An ardent follower of mother goddess Netaji united Indian women's power. Trained and position them as the protector of a Nation. When Netaji founded ‘Azad Hind fauz’ he shared a strong message to the entire world that how India is longing for freedom. The Rani Jhansi Regiment in INA was one of the very few all-female regiments in the world in those times, which was led by Lakshmi Swaminathan echoed Netaji’s vision and belief of Maatra Shakti ( Women Power) leading the country hand in hand.
In 1938, in Surat, Haripura Congress he became the national president of Congress, which itself was a historical moment in the Indian freedom struggle but this important moment is underplayed in history deliberately by the Congress party which still doesn't give space to talent except for some special privilege to the family, Congress does not see it as a great moment of Indian history. Congress party has never owned Netaji as their own and used him for politics only. Although Netaji doesn't need any recognition as he is in our hearts, he is in the consciousness of every citizen of the country. Netaji Subhash Bose inspires one hundred and twenty-five crore Indians for the life and hence inspires the entire generation to serve the nation and achieve greatness for the country.
Prime Minister Modi who is working on the principle of Netaji himself said in 2012 (before he became Prime Minister), “how Netaji's Clarion call to the people of the country inspired an entire generation to win freedom on their conditions, resonates in his work as CM of Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi also made a call to the people of Gujarat in Haripura itself “ Tum Mujhe Saath do, Main tumhe Vikas Dunga.” This statement truly accomplishes our prime minister's life goal. Which is to enable every citizen of the Nation with self-reliant capabilities (Atmanirbhar Bharat).
Today standing at the doorway of an upcoming change in West Bengal I believe our true tribute to him will be fulfilling our duty towards the nation and to the land which is considered a mother to all Indians. Every citizen must have a fearless mind and a strong approach toward achieving the goals for our motherland. It is a collective duty for all of us to enable a true “Sonar Bangla” which Netaji himself must have dreamed of.  ‘Maha Nayak’ as he is called will inspire many generations to come.
Today the land of martyrs and freedom fighters, West Bengal is standing at the cusp of a new dawn where the political parties in power failed to serve the people of West Bengal for the last 70 years and now we need to participate in the change we all are longing for. I am sure we will bring a new government that is truly the flag bearer of ‘Maha Nayaks’ Vision.

Written by Dr Shivprakash. He is the National Joint General Secretary (organization), Bhartiya Janta party

Dr Shivprakash

National Joint General Secretary (organization), Bhartiya Janta party

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