7-year-old's gaming addiction forces father to sell his car

The 41-year-old dad gave his son Ashaz Mustasa his iPhone for an hour and got a bill of $1,800 (Rs 1,33,000).

We have seen many cases where parents become bound to fulfill their kids' demands even when they don't want to. But this case is out of the box.

An unfortunate person in the UK reportedly got a bill of $1,800 (Rs 1,33,000) after his son played Dragons: Rise of Berk for an hour. The 41-year-old dad gave his son Ashaz Mustasa his iPhone for an hour. Somehow, during the course of playing the game, Ashaz inadvertently managed to run up the astronomically high bill by repeatedly buying paid items in the game.

Muhammad got to know about it upon receiving 29 emails notifying him of the purchases. He contacted Apple support and received a refund of $287 (Rs 21,000). It seems that Muhammad had to sell his car to pay the remaining amount.

While this seems like a regular instance of oblivious parents not securing their devices with a secure password, the story has many holes. Let's take a look at some of the additional details. If we divide the alleged $1,800 bill by 29 (the number of emails he received), we get an average of $62 per purchase.

A cursory glance at the in-app purchases that the game offers on iOS tells us that it is mathematically impossible, given that the maximum amount one can spend on the game is $20 at a time. At most, Ashraz could have spent $580 on the game.

That being said, children 'accidentally' running up massive tabs on their parents' devices is nothing new. It has happened several times in the past, but companies have since taken cognizance of it and enacted measures that prevent things like these from happening again.

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