A weird trick to make your iPhone faster

Lowering the phone’s performance will put less stress on the battery

Apple iPhone users think that the depleting performance over time is designed to force users to upgrade to a more expensive model but the company said that the problem is due to ageing battery that causes unexpected shutdowns while using the iPhone.


According to reports, lowering the phone’s performance will put less stress on the battery and ultimately avoids it getting overloaded and crashing. But the problems can be solved by changing the region to France in the phone settings and the trick works properly as GeekBench test on the iPhone 7 found the phone running score jumped significantly and even the CPU is running more quickly when set to France.


Previously France fined Apple a whopping €25 million for capping the performance of older iPhones and so iOS 10.2, the operating system has limited peak performance of older devices to stop draining the battery.


After doing all the work if the battery is running at top performance then it's OK but if not the user has to see that “performance management” has been applied and an option to disable it. After disabling the option the phone might work faster but may lead to random shutdown. After all these, if the phone is still struggling, then you have to change the battery from the iPhone service centre.


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