Apple TV+ to stream 9/11 documentary for free

It was first released through BBC One in the UK

The documentary made on 9/11, one of the greatest terror attacks on the soil of the United States of America will be made free from 11 September on Apple TV+. Apple made this arrangement to honour the victims of the incident.


The Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda attacked the twin towers of the World Trade Center and Pentagon in Virginia. The documentary titled “9/11: Inside the President’s War Room” will be shown in honour of the event’s 20th anniversary.


It was first released through BBC One in the UK, airing on August 31, and then on the BBC’s iPlayer streaming service. The documentary also shows testimonials from President George W. Bush, former national security advisor Condoleezza Rice and many more.


The 90 minutes documentary is narrated by Emmy Award winner Jeff Daniels. It gives an account of the 12 hours after the strike on that memorable day and showing rare and unique insight into the quandary of decision-making and the fight against time. And also stories from those who got involved as victims provide detailed and revealing factors of the attack.


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